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Essential mechanic tools you should own

Working on your own car might seem like a bit of a fanciful idea, but with these essential mechanic
tools, anyone can do the basics and save loads of money.

Finding a reliable and trustworthy mechanic is great for the big jobs, but with the help of YouTube,
forums and a Haynes manual, you don’t need one for everyday maintenance and servicing. So let’s have
a look at the tools you need to begin!

Essential tools 101

Professional tools are expensive because they’re expected to withstand constant high-pressure use, but
for the occasional mechanic, it’s not necessary to buy these. In fact, it’s possible to buy the basics for
home use for a reasonable outlay. These tools will deal with almost any job and soon pay for themselves
in saved labour costs… so what are the essential mechanic tools?

Socket set

A decent socket set will deal with almost any job the home mechanic might undertake. They’re perfect
in tight spaces, when you need loads of torque, and can be bought relatively cheaply. We recommend
this fantastic ParkerBrand set because it has over 200 pieces, including a great little spanner set – an
indispensable bit of kit.

Screwdriver set

Many of us have screwdrivers in our household toolset, but a dedicated set that stays with your
mechanic tools is a good idea.

Trolley jack and axle stands

Working safely is so important, so don’t try to jack up your car with the scissor jack that comes with your
spare tyre. Use a trolley jack to raise your car safely and axle stands to support it while you work. You
can pick these up for about £40 in total, and it’s money very well spent!

Breaker bar

Leverage is the mechanic’s best friend, and a decent breaker bar will help you undo the toughest bolts
regardless of your strength.

Torque wrench

Nuts and bolts often require specific torques and getting them correct is critical. A torque wrench will
give you the peace of mind that every bolt is precisely as tight as it needs to be for safe driving.

Grips, pliers and wire cutters

It’s incredible how often the home mechanic will need one of these handy tools. A good set will include
locking pliers of different sizes for those tricky nuts and bolts.

Work light and torches

Every job is easier if you can see what you’re doing! We recommend some small, powerful torches and
larger lights with magnets for hands-free use.

Lubricants, tape and cable ties

Every home toolset should contain standard WD40, silicone spray, duct tape and cable ties.

Hammer and dead blow mallet

Sometimes you’re going to have to give things a good whack to get them moving! These indispensable
tools will shift most stiff parts.

It’s incredibly satisfying to work on your own car, and with these essential mechanic tools, we’re sure
that you’ll soon be well on your way to doing just that!