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The best sat navs on the market

The best sat navs take all the stress out of finding your way around, so it’s well worth investing in a
decent one.

We’ve taken a good look at the current market and picked our favourites, and we’re sure that we’ve
found the perfect sat nav for you – whatever your budget!

Best sat nav under £100 – Garmin Drive 52

Technology wise, it doesn’t seem like you get a lot for under £100 these days, but the Garmin Drive
52 definitely delivers. It’s low on features (it updates via a usb cable and has no built in live updates)
and doesn’t have the highest quality screen in the world, but it’s responsive, well built and will get
you safely to your destination.

TomTom Go Premium

The TomTom Go Premium is one of the best sat navs we’ve ever seen, but it’s so much more than
that. It’s Internet of Things ready, which means that it can be used to communicate with your lights
and heating at home, send people a text to let them know when you’ll be arriving, and download
current maps via WiFi. It may be over £250, but if you want the best sat nav around it’s worth it.

Garmin DriveSmart 65

Like its main rival above, the DriveSmart 65 is a powerful, feature-packed machine. The huge 6.95-
inch screen is perfect for those who struggle with a smaller sat nav, but its voice command mode can
be a little frustrating. Like the TomTom Go Premium, it’s easy to connect the 65 to your phone and
other devices, and for an extra £60 you get Amazon Alexa included to play your music and keep you
up to date with the news and weather.

TomTom Via 62

If you prefer TomTom’s interface and navigation style but don’t want to spend hundreds of pounds
on the all singing and dancing Go Premium, the Via 62 might be for you. You lose the connectivity
and multi-functioning capability of the Go Premium, but you still get a lovely 6-inch screen that
provides easy to follow instruction. It’s available for about £135 and is well worth a look.

Whichever one of these devices you choose, you can be sure that it’ll do a great job, so pick the one
which fits your needs and budget. We narrowed this list down to the best sat navs on the market,
but the truth is that the tech is so good these days that it’s hard to buy a bad one, so shop with