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Weird and wonderful car parks of the world

Man giving thumbs up as he parks his car

This guy is giving the thumbs up to our weird and wonderful car park article (in other words, we couldn’t find any photos of the car parks mentioned!)

Back in August, we published a blog post on some of the crazy car parks in operation throughout the world today. Well, it turns out that architects and designers have been going wild and letting their imaginations run riot! This week we’re going to take another trip around the globe to explore a couple more weird and wonderful car parks, so why don’t you buckle up and come along for the ride…

Temple Street, New Haven – Connecticut  

Some of our most recent posts have extolled the virtues of modern car park design over the concrete tombs of the 60s, but when it comes to Temple Street in Connecticut, we might be forced to change our minds!

Instead of the straight up and down blocks of concrete and soulless design utilised in the UK, this car park more closely resembles a catacomb or skeleton of a giant beast. Featuring smooth curved lines around the façade and sweeping internal arches, it’s testament to what can be done with concrete and a free imagination. Even the internal and external lights are fashioned from curves of concrete!

1111 Lincoln Road Parking Garage – Miami

Wow, what can we say about this incredible feat of engineering, except that it’s not one for the faint-hearted! Costing a staggering $65 million to design and construct, the Lincoln Road Parking Garage in Miami manages to hide several high-end boutiques and stores, art galleries, and installations amongst its eleven floors. And what about those floors? Ranging from 7 to 34 feet in height, uniformity is eschewed in favour of perfectly functional design. Oh, and the top floor plays host to a luxury penthouse apartment!

So why did we say that this car park isn’t for the faint-hearted? Well, part of what makes it such a beautiful structure is that there are no external walls! Yes, there are parking spaces for 300 cars and only the most modest of wire fences to stop you driving clean off the edge. The result is a light, open-plan and airy car park that turns heads – and possibly stomachs!

Only 2 crazy car parks this time round, but next time on the Trafalgar Street car park blog we’ll take an in-depth look at a few more that’ll blow your mind. In the meantime, don’t forget to leave your car with us when you visit Leeds. We may not be a wacky car park, but we sure are the best in town!