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Traffic news Leeds – city roads subject to big changes

We bring you the latest traffic news Leeds drivers need to know, following some recent announcements of planned works. So get ready for some major changes, as Leeds City Council plans an overhaul of the city’s traffic systems.

This week we’re going to detail these changes and give you an overview of how they’re likely to affect you.

Leeds traffic changes aim to beat congestion 

The council isn’t proposing these changes on a whim – with the planned HS2 rail station it’s essential that the town centre is run more efficiently and traffic flows better than with the current road layout. No longer will drivers be able to enter the city centre itself, instead they’ll have to respect the newly pedestrianised area and acclimatise to the updated city loop road.

Expanded pedestrian zone

Although not everyone will be pleased with this traffic news, Leeds city centre shoppers and visitors will be able to enjoy the expanded pedestrianised area, which aims to bring the city in line with other successful major metropolises.

Stretching from the Clayton Hotel all the way up to the Headrow, the new zone means that pedestrians have an area almost twice the size of the current one – an attractive prospect for shoppers!

Loop road changes

Nothing has been decided as of yet, with public consultation planned this summer, but it looks like the council aims to push the loop road much further away from the city centre and rename it the City Boulevard.

The plan seems to be to take drivers from Crown Point around to the M621, through Holbeck and then eventually down to the A58 Dunelm Mill roundabout before rejoining the current loop road.

Dealing with congestion at the Armley Gyratory

Many residents of Leeds and surrounding areas will be glad to hear that the City Council and Highways England have plans to reinvent the Armley Gyratory to improve traffic flow. An essential part of the redesign of the loop road, consultations are happening right now to narrow down the three currently available options.


Alongside this, the Elland Road and city centre section of the M621 is going to be redesigned, with work due to begin in 2020. It’s hoped that these changes will improve use of the city for drivers as well as pedestrians… and users of the upcoming HS2 rail system.

None of these developments are finalised yet, but we’re sure that customers of Trafalgar Street car park will be glad to hear that changes for the better are coming. With this exciting traffic news Leeds will have an even more vibrant and successful future and stay at the forefront of modern UK cities.