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The best 125cc motorbikes of 2019


The 125 is often seen as the first proper bike for the new rider who’s passed their CBT and because of
this there are loads to choose from, but what are the best 125cc motorbikes on the road today? We
took a look at everything the market has to offer and picked out our four favourites.

Lexmoto LXR SE 125 – a 125cc sports bike on a budget

The LXR SE builds on the success of its predecessor, the LXR, and proves that you don’t necessarily need
a fortune to ride a stylish sports bike. The liquid-cooled single cylinder 125cc engine has plenty of
torque, and its combined braking system is excellent for a bike in this price range. Yes, £2,500 goes a
long way in 2019!

Honda CB125R

We’re going to hold our hands up and say that we think the CB125R is probably the coolest 125 on the
market today. The engine comes almost straight from the modern classic CBR125R, but that’s where the
similarity ends because this Neo Cafe styled racer is a head-turner that looks like a much bigger engined
machine. We think it’s one of the best 125cc motorbikes ever made, and well worth the £3,950 RRP.

Yamaha MT-125 ABS

What a breath of fresh air the MT-125 ABS has been to the 125cc market! We’ve no idea why it’s taken
so long for a major manufacturer to bring an entry-level street-fighter style bike out, but kudos to
Yamaha for taking the risk. Did we say risk? There’s no real risk in offering such a stunning beast to the
public, and sales of the MT-125 ABS back that up! You’ll have to shell out four grand for one, but it’s a
bike that you’ll be happy to keep hold of and enjoy for years to come.

Honda Monkey

If you’re looking for a fun 125, there’s nothing better than a monkey bike, and the Honda Monkey is
based on the original and best! The diminutive size and retro styling make the Monkey incredibly
desirable and easy to ride, plus its tiny engine that generates just over 9bhp give a sensational 180+
MPG, so it’s perfect for the urban commuter. At around £3,700 it is expensive, but there’s nothing
funkier on the road.

We hope our rundown of the best 125cc motorbikes available in 2019 has whetted your appetite for a
bit of two-wheeled fun this summer, and if you do put your hand on your pocket be sure to pop into
Trafalgar Street car park to show us your new toy!