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The benefits of regular car servicing – why it matters

Routine maintenance of your vehicle may seem like an unnecessary expense, but the benefits of regular
car servicing far outweigh the cost and inconvenience.

Despite this, many people only think about your car when something goes wrong, without realising that
following the correct servicing intervals can prevent those expensive trips to the garage when you least
expect them.

Six reasons regular car servicing matters

There are plenty of benefits of regular car servicing, but these are the most important:

1. Extends your car’s life – modern car engines and other critical systems are incredibly complex
and take loads of punishment on your daily drive. Unless the oil and other liquids are kept clean
and topped up, your car will wear out much quicker than expected, but a well serviced car might
last for several hundred thousand miles!
2. Improved performance and fuel economy – regular servicing ensures that everything is running
at optimum performance, which improves your enjoyment of your driving experience and
makes sure that you’re getting the best MPG from your vehicle.
3. Keeps you safe – periodic checks buy a reliable mechanic will give you peace of mind that your
car won’t let you down and will keep you and your family safe.
4. Protects the environment – poorly serviced cars are polluting cars! Proper maintenance makes
cars run as cleanly as possible and helps to lower emissions.
5. Improves resale value – selling a used car is one of the most stressful things you can do, but a
full service history is an attractive prospect for potential buyers. A second-hand vehicle with a
good history will be worth much more than one without, which means that you’ll get a lot of
those servicing costs back and sell your car much quicker.
6. Limits breakdowns – it should come as no surprise to you, that a car that’s treated with a
regular dose of TLC will work better than a neglected one. Why risk multiple expensive
breakdowns when a service once a year can prevent that? For example, an auxiliary belt costs
around £100 to replace, but a snapped one might lead to a seized engine and the death of your

We’re sure you can now clearly see why the benefits of regular car servicing far outweigh the annoyance
of having to book your car in for a day at your local garage once a year, so don’t delay, get your car
serviced today!