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Leeds car parking advice for visitors…

Leeds gets plenty of visitors due to its cosmopolitan vibe, fantastic shopping district, its many museums and theatres – and now, with the brand new Leeds First Direct Arena, there are more reasons than ever to take a trip to West Yorkshire.

For those coming to the city, the first thing to think about is your preferred mode of transport. Leeds benefits from good rail links from the rest of the country, but for most visitors, nothing can compare to the convenience of travelling in your own car. Parking in Leeds can be a problem for newcomers who are unfamiliar with the city, but there are some reasonably priced, independent options available for those savvy enough to do their research beforehand.


No matter which of the many local attractions is bringing you to Leeds, you’ll need to decide whether a day trip will suffice or if a longer visit is on the cards – and then plan your logistics accordingly.

A flying visit or an overnight stay?

If you’re local to Leeds then accommodation won’t be a problem, but for those travelling from further afield, you’ll be pleased to know that the city is jam packed with great hotels.

Whether you’re looking for low budget or high end, you’ll have plenty of choice – but either way, you need to bear in mind that much of the city’s accommodation doesn’t have its own onsite car parking provision. It’s a busy, built up area so space is limited, even in the more salubrious areas and top of the range hotels. Many people assume that the multi-storey, city centre parking facilities are the only choice, but there is Leeds car parking that offer a more independent service with better rates.

The simple solution

Just outside the loop road you’ll find Trafalgar Street car park; near enough to the heart of the city to be convenient but outside of the premium tariffs that tend to go hand in hand with central locations. This car park that never closes, with its cheap week day flat rate of just £5, can be a great alternative for hotel parking in Leeds, giving business travellers and mid-week shoppers a more affordable option.

For female drivers travelling solo, Trafalgar Street car park also offers some great additional safety features; it’s well lit and is permanently staffed, 24 hours a day – reassuring them of their own safety, and not just that of their vehicle.

It’s important to remember that drivers can face harsh penalties for parking in prohibited areas, or if they fail to return to their cars while their ticket is still valid. By finding a reasonably priced car park in Leeds that offers an all-day parking option, you can head off and enjoy the city without worrying about rushing back at an allotted time.

Trafalgar Street car park will also be offering competitive parking prices for visitors to the Leeds Arena when it opens in late July – so keep an eye out for the latest information.