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Student Accommodation in Leeds

Choosing a university is one of the biggest decisions you’ll have to make in your life. Which uni offers the best courses for you? Do you want to relocate? Is the city you’re considering fun? Fortunately, Leeds offers everything a new student could wish for. Renowned for being a great city to party in, it also has not one, not two, but THREE fantastic universities along with some great places to live. Let’s take a look at five of the most popular areas for student accommodation in Leeds to help you decide where you’d like to live in the next academic year.


The biggest advantage to living in Woodhouse has to be its location in relation to the University of Leeds. Being in the midst of the main campus you’ll be able to roll right out of bed and into your lectures. Yes, that’s all the advantages of halls and none of the disadvantages! It’s also very handy for the city centre making it an easy stroll home after a night out.


If you’d prefer to be a little further out you could do a lot worse that look at Burley. It may be a slightly longer walk into town, but it has great transport links and you could always drop your car with us at Trafalgar Street car park if you fancy driving in! Burley also has the advantage of Cardigan Fields, a commercial complex featuring the students’ favourite supermarket, Aldi, a cinema, ten pin bowling and a vast array of restaurants.


Headingley, quite rightly, is one of the most popular areas for student accommodation in Leeds. Far enough away to feel like you’re not in the main hustle and bustle of the city centre, but serviced by twice hourly trains that take just over ten minutes. Almost a small city in its own right, it offers great nightlife for students with it’s own high street populated by some great pubs, charity shops and food emporiums. Well worth checking out!

City Centre

Although city centre accommodation for students is limited and can be more expensive than other areas, if you’re a real city person there’s everything you need right on your doorstep – so it’s well worth hunting out the deals. Leeds is such a vibrant place and has some of the finest nightlife of any northern city, along with plenty of entertainment, eateries for all budgets and great shopping venues. You’ll find that students are well catered for with discounts offered in many places.

Hyde Park

Situated between Headingley and Leeds uni, Hyde Park’s another very popular student area. It has the advantage of offering the crazy student vibes of Headingley, but with the lovely chill-out space of Woodhouse Moor (commonly referred to as Hyde Park for obvious reasons!) right on your doorstep.

As you can see, Leeds caters for its students very well, and we’re sure that you’ll have many happy years, fuzzy heads and tales to tell if you find yourself at once of the great universities here.