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Shopping Within The City Of Leeds

Shopaholics rejoice because Leeds is the shopping destination of the Northern UK!

Known as the Knightsbridge of the North, Leeds is quite well-known for its shopping hot spots. In fact, the Rough Guide to Britain has even listed shopping in Leeds on its top thirty to do list.  From Victorian shopping arcades filled with high street designer items to fabulous bargains in Kirgate market, you will definitely find what you are looking for and even more.

There is no other city quite like Leeds, especially in terms of shopping. Spread within eight kilometres are more than a thousand retail stores and a combined floor space of about 210,340 square meters. Getting lost in the city’s specialty shopping attractions and housed in spectacular Victorian architecture will certainly be a delightful and unique experience.

Right at the heart of the city is the breathtaking Victoria Quarter, the country’s premiere fashion and lifestyle hub.  It’s a series of ornate Victorian arcades that houses more than 70 of the world’s most well known names in fashion – Vivienne Westwood, Paul Smith, Louise Vuitton, LK Bennet and many more.

More about shopping in the city of Leeds

Leeds has an abundance of fashion boutiques and shopping centres, but nothing compares to the world-famous Victoria Quarter. Its magnificent stain-glass roof, intricate mosaics and colourful marbles have never failed to wow shoppers, making their experience even more memorable. Even if you are not out to shop, Victoria Quarter’s breathtaking architecture is surely a must see. Visiting the unparalleled Victoria Quarter is a hassle free delight, whether you are commuting, walking or driving a car. The city has a spectacular public transport systems, and if you own a car, there’s a car park at Trafalgar Street which just a short walk away.

In 1996, Harvey Nichols also made its way home in the heart of Victoria Quarter when opened its first store outside of London. Harvey Nichols is an internationally renowned fashion retailer of many of the worlds’ most exclusive and prestigious brands in beauty, fashion, food and lifestyle. Another premiere retail store is Flannels. It’s the largest, independent retail group that specialises in luxury and contemporary clothes, accessories and footwear. Harvey Nichols, Flannels and other prestigious shopping attractions are well within the vicinity of Trafalgar Street, so driving and shopping there won’t be a problem.

Aside from Victoria Quarter, there are numerous shopping centres in the city, such as the Light, the Corn Exchange, Merrion Shopping Centre and Woodhouse Lane. Merrion Shopping Centre was built about 50 years ago and was the first retail complex in the city’s centre. It houses a wide range of boutiques and shops, but it also houses and indoor market fill fabulous bargains. The Corn Exchange will also make a pleasurable shopping experience. Its impressive architecture and varied specialty shops has a lively atmosphere that will keep you coming back.

Most of the shops and stores in Leeds are open all throughout the week. Store hours usually start at nine 9:00 A.M. to 5:30 P.M. or later. Some local shops are still open until 7:00 P.M. from Thursday to Saturday, so you can do some shopping before you immerse yourself in the city’s colourful nightlife.