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Shopping made easy in Leeds – car parks at a cut price

If you’re looking for fabulous shopping opportunities and some great lunch venues to rest your feet between-times, you don’t get much better than Leeds; car parks around the city centre can be expensive, but with some great lower-cost options and the hassle of public transport, it still makes sense to drive yourself there.

The great thing about Leeds is that it’s easy to get to from anywhere in the country. With the A1, M1 and M62 passing right through the city, it provides a great day out no matter where you live. ‘But why not just take the train?’ we hear you ask – well, there are plenty of reasons why driving is better…

Firstly, by jumping in the car and pitching up in one of the lower priced Leeds’ car parks, you will most likely find that you’ll save money. While fuel certainly isn’t cheap, train tickets have taken a real hike over the last few years – especially if your visit is spontaneous and you can’t grab a cheaper, advanced ticket. Of course you’ll also probably be visiting Leeds with friends, so you can split the cost of fuel rather than all having to foot the bill for your individual train costs.

Trafalgar Street, Leeds car parks for savvy shoppers

Another advantage of driving is that you have total flexibility; arrive when you want, leave when you’re all shopped out and there’s no chance of falling victim to cancelled trains or delayed departures. You can also schedule your trip to miss rush hour; you could perhaps stay for dinner in one of the great restaurants – there are certainly plenty to choose from.

So where to keep your car safe in Leeds? Car parks in the heart of the city centre provide one option, but they are often unmanned, very expensive (who wants to spend £12 just on parking?!) and finding a space can be a nightmare – wasting valuable time that could be better spent hunting out a bargain. Our advice is to head just outside of the main shopping streets, and try one of the rare, cheap Leeds’ car parks, such as Trafalgar Street – conveniently located just a short walk from the Headrow and easy to access from the A64(M).

The Trafalgar Street car park always has staff onsite in the event you ever need any help, offers cheap parking rates that are hard to beat in Leeds and is open 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. It’s far enough from the central shopping district to avoid the inflated prices that go hand in hand with premium locations, while still being close enough to the shops for you to do a ‘bag dump’ at lunchtime to save you carrying your new purchases around all day.

So for great shopping, head to the ‘London of the north’ and make the most of a great day out in Leeds; car parks can be cheap, getting there is easy and you’ll be impressed by the choice of shops and the style and charm of the city.