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Reduce the stress of car parking in Leeds

While many people prefer to drive to the shops instead of taking public transport, it can be quite stressful finding a good car parking in Leeds, as with any large town or city.

One of the biggest issues surrounding car parking in Leeds is that the main city centre facilities are well known and heavily trafficked – this means that owners can charge a premium price for their car parking spaces. Subsequently, this leads to inflated prices across the board, with every parking company seeing that people are prepared to pay high prices for perceived convenience – this in turn leads to a lack of competition, giving them no incentive to reduce their prices.

However, during busy times such as the build up to Christmas, where people are heading into Leeds in their droves to tick things off their present list, shoppers often find themselves in a frustrating position of choosing a car park only to find that it’s already at maximum capacity – a particular problem at weekends. When this happens, drivers must navigate the city centre until they can find another central car park that has spaces available; and after all this, they still find themselves paying upwards of £10 for just a few hours of shopping time.

Car parking around the Leeds loop

When it comes to multi-story car parking in Leeds, most of the facilities available are centred within the main city loop; for locals who are familiar with the road layout, this may not present too much of a problem, but for visitors to the city who are coming in to take advantage of the many fantastic shops and precincts here, this road system can be a bit of a nightmare! Ask around and you’ll hear many tales of Leeds’ visitors who have found themselves stuck on the loop road, unable to find their chosen destination – and if you’re not sure exactly where the car parks are to begin with, you may spend as much time hunting out that elusive space as you will walking around the shops!
Some people may be lucky enough to take advantage of the car parking spaces in Leeds that are available on the roads themselves, but these spaces are limited and competition for them is fierce. Unless you’re lucky enough to be passing as another driver leaves, you could well find yourself in the same scenario as those looking for multi-story car parks. Of course, price-wise, these road spaces are not necessarily any better value either, especially since the free parking that Leeds used to offer on Sundays and evenings has now been abolished completely. Sadly, it would appear that free car parking in Leeds is a thing of the past and is set to stay that way.

Great value car parking for less hassle

So what’s the alternative if you want to find a car park in Leeds that won’t drive you loopy on the loop road or have you spending hours looking for a space? Visitors and locals would do well to bear mind that city centre parking doesn’t stop within the confines of the main shopping district. By heading just a few extra minutes outside of this area, you can find great value car parks with plenty of spaces that are also easy to find because they don’t necessitate a stressful drive around the complicated road networks.

One great example of this is the Trafalgar Street Car Park, which lays just 5 or 10 minutes’ walk from all of the main department stores and shopping streets. With plenty of spaces to cater for even the busiest days, this great parking facility also comes at a highly competitive price; with tariffs set at £2 per hour or £6 for a whole day’s parking during the week, and just £3 for Sunday and £4 for Saturday parking, shoppers will be hard pressed to find such great value anywhere else so close to the centre of the city.

By choosing Trafalgar Street for your car parking in Leeds, you can also avoid the heavy traffic that constantly flows in the middle of the city, while having an easy walking route so that those heavy bags can be dropped off when needed!