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Parking in Leeds

Night time photo of Leeds city centre

As the third largest city in the UK and home to over 750,000 people, Leeds is a vibrant and bustling metropolis where there’s always something great to do. Whether you live here or are visiting for the day, we thought that you would appreciate a quick lowdown on public parking in the city. As you can imagine, drivers are very well catered for with plenty of public car parks with easy access. Let’s take a look.


As we’ve already mentioned, Leeds is a big city, and big cities have lots of spaces for cars: but how many? By our reckoning there are over 8,000 parking spaces in Leeds city centre alone, which means that even at the busiest of times, you should find somewhere safe to leave your car while you shop, explore the museums or grab a bite to eat. Of course, we’d prefer that you chose Trafalgar Street Car Park over any of the others though!

Price range

Parking in Leeds is fairly reasonable for a modern city. Most of the public car parks offer rates of just a couple of pounds for an hour or two, or up to about a tenner for the day – plenty of time to fill the boot of your car with the spoils of your shopping trip! We charge just £2 for an hour, £4 for two hours or £7 for the whole day. Overnight parking is available in several of the larger secure car parks such as Merrion Centre (£15 for 24 hours), Q Park (£20 for 24 hours), and, of course, ourselves for the very reasonable rate of £7.

Street parking

Leeds does have a decent number of ‘pay and display’ spaces in the city centre, but it’s very rare to find one free during peak times. With the changes to parking laws ending free parking on Sundays and after 6pm, the once busy open-air Leeds City Council car parks and pay and display areas are less appealing, with more drivers choosing the safety of a secure or manned car park.
As you can see, parking shouldn’t ever be an issue when you visit Leeds city centre, so why not drop your car off with us at Trafalgar Street Car Park where we’ll take great care of it for you while you enjoy yourself.