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Modern classics: Volkswagen Corrado

When the Volkswagen Corrado was launched as a replacement for the Scirocco in 1988, it quickly
took the mantle of the best mid-sized coupe on the market.

The Corrado was better built than the Scirocco it eventually replaced, and a hoot to drive in all
guises, which is why it was loved throughout its production and deserves to be considered a modern

Corrado has Golf heritage

Built on the same platform as the Mk2 Golf and Jetta (at least until the VR6 came along), Volkswagen
was onto a winner with the Corrado from the off. Coupled with either a 16 valve or supercharged
1.8-litre engine – delivering 134bhp or 158bhp respectively – the Corrado offered thrills to match its
undoubted style.

However, it was the introduction of the VR6 in 1992, with its 190bhp 2.6-litre V6 that delivered a 0-
60mph time of 6.4 seconds, which really cemented the Volkswagen Corrado as a future classic. Its
increased power demanded the wider front track and suspension of the new Mk3 Golf – additions
that led many journalists to describe it as one the best drivers’ cars Volkswagen had ever made.

Buying a Corrado today

The good news is that there are still around 4,000 Corrados alive and well in the UK, but, as with all
modern classics, finding an un-tampered-with one can be a challenge. The Corrado become one of
the most pimped up cars of the 90s, with body kits, lowering kits and engine upgrades the norm, and
as is common with this kind of ‘upgrade’, there are good ones and bad ones. This means that you
have to be very careful to check the quality of the work if you decide to go down this route when
you buy.

We would always prefer to find a clean and original example when choosing a modern classic, and
it’s no different with the Corrado. The VR6 is the most desirable model, of course, but it’s a little
more fragile than the 1.8 or 2-litre versions, so check the timing chain and head gaskets for wear
before buying.

All Corrado’s should be checked carefully for crash damage and abuse because they’re such fun to
drive, and it’s not uncommon for them to have visited a hedge or two in their lifetime! Overall,
though, they’re solid cars and well worth the investment, but you’ll need between £4000 and
£15000 for a good one, so be prepared to walk away if you’re not sure.

The Volkswagen Corrado is a firm favourite of the Trafalgar Street team, and we’re always
enthusiastic when one ends up in our car park, so don’t be surprised if we’re purring over yours
when you return to it!