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What’s the most eco-friendly car on the road?

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With the continuing rise in fuel costs and the very real need to take care of the planet, it’s never been more crucial to know what the most eco-friendly car on the road is. We’ve taken a look at the top contenders and given our verdict below.

Toyota Prius – the eco-friendly leader

Hybrid fuel technology was once seen as a strange idea that seemed unworkable, but the Toyota Prius changed that by delivering a simple and effective electric/petrol hybrid all the way back in 1997. The latest model, the Prius Mk4, is the best by far, and delivers a claimed 94 mpg and CO2 emissions of 70 g/km – and that’s before you use the electric plug-in! It’s not just one of the most eco-friendly cars either, it’s also devilishly styled, a great drive and a practical medium-sized family hatchback.

Tesla Model S

When the original Tesla Roadster came out and wowed us with its performance, we never expected Elon Musk to follow through on his promise to deliver a fully electric car to challenge Mercedes and BMW. The Tesla S, however, is spectacular! This silent assassin delivers a 0-6 time below 6 seconds, zero emissions, two massive boots (front and rear), and super low running costs.

Hyundai Ioniq

The Ioniq is unique in that it comes with three different drivetrains – hybrid, plug-in hybrid or fully electric – with each offering a decent drive, enough performance, and styling that’s less ‘in your face’ than some of their rivals. Clearly the fully electric version is the most eco-friendly, and with a reported range of 174 miles on a full charge, it’s the class-leader and definitely worth a look.

VW e-Up!

As quirky as the name is, don’t discount this pocket dynamo of a vehicle. It may cost 20 grand – which is quite significant for a city car – but according to Next Green Car, it’s the top of the pile in the eco-friendly car stakes. With a very usable city car range of about 60 miles on a full battery, the e-UP! costs about £6 a week to run (based on about 190 miles a week), making it the most economical and eco-friendly car on the road!

Well, there you have it – the VW e-Up! is the most eco-friendly car available today, but don’t discount any of the others on our list – especially if you have a large family or the desire for a thrilling ride. We hope to see more of these super economical cars through the gates at Trafalgar Street car park. After all, we love the planet too!