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Leeds Arena Car Parking

When it comes to Leeds Arena car parking, many event attendees are disappointed to learn that there are no onsite parking facilities available at the venue. Despite its maximum capacity of over 13,000 people, the fact of the matter is that due to the Arena’s location, there just wasn’t enough space to add this service into the construction plans during its design.

As with any city centre, free space for development is limited. As more and more buildings take over, space for parking is at a premium – and this applies to new shopping precincts, office blocks and residential areas as much as it does to the much awaited Leeds Arena. Car parking shouldn’t cause so much contention, but with customers looking for the easy option in this age of convenience, it was always going to create some frustration for visitors who would rather park right on the doorstep of their destination.

As well as the issues surrounding Leeds Arena car parking, event attendees are also requested not   to drop off or collect passengers outside the Arena itself. Again, due to the central location and the number of guests that the venue can cater for, the roads around the building can be subject to diversions and even closure in order to manage the high footfall and traffic flow caused by larger events. This can cause problems for those with mobility problems, or people relying on lifts from a kindly ‘chauffeur’.

Overcoming the problems with Leeds Arena car parking

In the absence of an onsite car park, visitors need to find the best option from those available in the vicinity. There used to be a certain amount of free parking available on the streets of Leeds but that was halted in November 2013, so now there’s little choice but to cough up for a car parking space. This is where disgruntled visitors can have real cause to complain – everyone knows that city parking comes at a cost, which on top of your ticket and booking fee can really raise the overall price of your night out.

All is not lost though; there are several car parks in close proximity to the Arena, and while some are definitely on the more expensive end of the spectrum, there are some cheaper car parks in easy walking distance – it’s just a matter of knowing where to look.

Trafalgar Street is probably one of the better options for Leeds Arena car parking; just a 5 – 10 minute walk away, a space here comes at a flat-rate of £6, so no matter what time you arrive and leave, you won’t be stumped with extra fees at the end of the night – it’s easy to find too, even for non-locals, just type in the postcode LS2 7BF into your sat nav and you can avoid the loop road that leads to some of the other (more expensive) car parks in the area.