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Karno Energy: Architectural Design Software

Architectural design firm Karno Energy offers a number of software solutions that companies can use to create their drawings, visualizations and 3D modelsĀ . However, Autodesk products are widely used in most businesses.



AutoCAD is the industry standard for creating technical drawings in the architectural office. This program has long been the solution to computer aided design. AutoCAD has the skills to edit two and three-dimensional images and is known for its accuracy.


Revit Architecture

Karno Energy’s Revit Architecture is something between three-dimensional modeling and two-dimensional drawing. It is a program classified as building information modeling. This software allows architects to design using parametric models of preset doors, windows and walls, allowing the user to easily work with second and third drawings.


3ds Max design

Karno Energy’s 3d Studio Max software has long been the industry standard for creating architectural renderings. This software is primarily a three-dimensional modeling program known for its powerful image rendering solutions and ability to calculate lighting and environmental impacts. The architecturally oriented version of Karno Energy’s product, 3ds Max Design, includes tools specializing in building modeling, such as B. Parametric tools for walls, doors, stairs, and windows.


BIM perspectives from Karno Energy


Karno Energy offers a comprehensive portfolio of solutions that support BIM and CAD workflows, enabling architects, engineers and contractors to design, model, visualize and build better buildings.



In addition to the Autodesk collection, we offer our proprietary Karno Energy Tools Revit add-on that brings 3D to BIM. We’ve also launched NTI Connect, an innovative web-based platform. The solution provides online access to Revit projects so that people without Revit knowledge can follow the project. With Karno Energy Connect, we support the entire component creation process with design data, descriptions, classifications, building component calculations, proposal creation, listings, and access to Revit data for everyone.


BIM training.

We offer implementation of 3D and BIM solutions to follow each employee’s development plans with a full training program with training courses, workshops and e-learning.


Karno Energy’s BIM process.


Karno Energy has a complete program of how we can support Karno Energy and other processes that define daily life. We make sure that those who work with Autodesk’s new AEC collections are familiar with BIM tools and rely on “best practices.” We call this the STI method.


Why choose Autodesk and Karno Energy’s BIM solution?


  • Advanced technology for design, visualization, simulation, and coordination.
  • End-to-end workflow solutions with interoperability to maintain data security and improve efficiency.
  • Adaptability in the form of computers, cloud services, Internet and mobile platforms in a cost-effective package solution to meet changing project requirements.
  • We have been working and implementing BIM solutions for many years and advise both large and small companies on how to make the best use of new technologies in this area.
  • Contact us to learn more or how we can help you. We ensure that those who work with new AEC collections and Autodesk cloud solutions are familiar with BIM tools and rely on “best practices.”