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The Innovative Leeds Arena

The Leeds Arena Project

The Leeds Arena Project is located in the heart of Leeds. This makes it easily accessible to people from all over Leeds. The Leeds Arena has a very modern and stylish design for its interior and exterior. Its purpose built fan-shape design is the first in the United Kingdom. It has a complex honeycomb design and runs on energy-efficient, environmentally friendly technology.

It has a capacity of 13,500 people. This astounding seating capacity allows the hosting of large events such as world-class concerts, family shows, dances, boxing, wrestling, tennis, basketball and a whole lot more. If you noticed, the aforementioned events vary from one another in many points. How can a single Arena accommodate all of these? This is where the innovative planning and design of the arena comes in. From the moment you arrive to the moment you leave, it will do its best for you to have an amazing event experience.

Let’s start with the car parking. This is one of the things that some arenas take lightly but are actually very important. Have you ever experienced driving around in circles looking for a spot to park your car in? These moments can ruin the experience from the very start. Delays caused by this can also result to you arriving late for the show. After all this hassle, you may miss out on important parts of the event and may even end up not enjoying the whole experience.The arena should have enough car parking spaces even for a sold out event. This is why it is important that there are various spaces available close to the arena. Take for example Trafalgar Street Car Park.

Knowing Leeds Arena

The Leeds Arena is fully flexible while still providing an amazing experience. All the seats are facing the performance area so the spectators can have a good view of what’s going on. This is different from the traditional arena design.In the traditional arena design, people usually have a hard time with the position of their head and neck. This is because most arenas are made mostly for sports events. The seating arrangements end up not being so friendly with events such as family shows, music concerts and the like. While watching sports events in a traditional arena is great, other events may take a back seat when it comes to comfort.

And speaking of comfort, the seats are specially designed so that the spectators don’t feel uncomfortable, especially during prolonged sitting hours. This way, everyone gets “the best seat” in every event or performance. The design was also made in such a way that every area can hear the same quality of sounds without it thinning out or echoing.

To sum it all up, it was made by taking the best elements from various designs. Perhaps other future arenas could be inspired by a thing or two from this. Mix the old and the new to come up with something innovative like this spectacular arena.