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Getting To Know The City Of Leeds

Introduction to the city of Leeds

Leeds is the third largest city in the United Kingdom. It’s a bustling city that certainly has a lot to offer visitors, entrepreneurs, students and its residents. It is also the cultural, commercial and financial heart of the West Yorkshire area in England. Whatever you are into, you will definitely find a place for Leeds in your heart.

Leeds as a great place to visit

The city of Leeds is a great place, not just for visiting, but to live in as well. It is a compact city, and you can easily walk your way around its scenic and upbeat city centre. You can enjoy the architectural mix of the old and new with skyscrapers and heritage sites, flats and Victorian homes sitting alongside each other. Cultural heritage is comparable to none as Leeds also has its own opera house, ballet company and repertory theatre. The city is also well-known for its sports heritage, thanks to the world-famous Elland Road and Headingly stadiums. This bustling metropolis is also just a short drive away from a country side that boasts of serene moorlands and dazzling coastlines.

Traveling within, to and from Leeds isn’t a problem because of its well organized public transport system. Driving a car around the city is also not a problem because Leeds has numerous car parks scattered all over the city. Residents and visitors alike will be able to enjoy the many sites and activities that the city has to offer.

With over five miles of endless shopping streets, shopping in Leeds is to die for. The Rough Guide to Britain has even placed shopping in Leeds on its top thirty to do list in the UK. It is also well known for Victoria Quarter, the UK’s premiere destination for fashion and lifestyle. With over 70 prestigious brands, like Louis Vuitton, Harvey Nichols, Vivienne Westwood and Paul Smith, all housed in elegant listed buildings, Victoria Quarter will certainly be an experience you’ll keep coming back to. And you won’t even have a problem with parking, because there’s a car park very near at Trafalgar Street.

Driving and visiting a historic musical hall won’t be a problem in Leeds, because near Victoria Quarter and also a short walk from Trafalgar Street is the renowned City Varieties Music Hall. This Victorian Music Hall’s elegance has survived for over three centuries and is unrivalled in entertaining generations of families with amazing live music, comedies, variety shows and pantomimes. The City Varieties Music Hall even offers tours to the theatre’s magical backstage and the hall’s rich and colourful history. They also have a Theatre Company for the youth. Why not enrol your children and enjoy watching their performance skills develop?

From sports and culture heritage to shopping, dining and nightlight, Leeds will certainly keep you coming back. It’s an excellent place to study or to do business as well. Its diverse economy and universities are world-class. Whether you’re living, visiting, studying or working in Leeds, you will certainly fall in love with the city’s splendour. Walk and drive your way around Leeds, and you will surely excite your senses.