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Finding great vegan food in Leeds

Notice for vegan food on pegs

Many moons ago we wrote a blog article about our favourite places to grab some delicious vegetarian food in Leeds, but neglected to cater for the large vegan community in the area. This week we’re going to put that right by listing the best places for vegans to buy wonderful and nutritious food in Leeds.

Humpit Hummus and Pita Bar – Leeds Corn Exchange Call Ln, Leeds, LS1 7BR

Since 2014, the rather strangely named Humpit (‘Hum’ from hummus and ‘pit’ from pita) has been serving some of the best pitta bread, hummus and falafels we’ve ever tasted. Situated in the trendy Corn Exchange, we recommend it for lunch or even a quick pit-stop whilst shopping. Wholesome and yummy fair for all the family.

Root and Fruits Café – 10-11 Grand Arcade, Leeds LS1 6PG

Established for over 20 years, Roots and Fruits is one of the best cafes in Leeds, vegan or not! With a menu absolutely full of great vegan options (as well as gluten-free) and chefs who are more than happy to adapt any of the freshly prepared dishes to your specific needs, this cute little café is a perfect choice for a lunch or early evening meal.

Bundobust – 6 Mill Hill, Leeds LS1 5DQ

Indian street food and craft beer sounds like a match made in heaven to us, and that’s exactly what you get at Bundobust. Think of this bombastically named establishment as a bar that sells great food rather than a restaurant and you won’t be disappointed. Virtually everything on the menu is vegan and absolutely everything is delicious!

Nourish Leeds – 31 Bond St, Leeds LS1 5BQ

With a name like ‘Nourish’ you know that you’re not going to be served a burger and chips here! Fast food with a difference is the name of the game at this recent addition to the Leeds high street. With a menu full of nutritious, wholesome and yummy food, Nourish aims to feed your mind, body and soul. We recommend giving the Avocado Kick on Wholemeal Toast a go – wow!

We hope that you find something to tantalise your taste buds in this brief list of where to find the best vegan food in Leeds. They’re all perfect for a pit stop during a day of shopping in the city, so leave your car with us at Trafalgar Street car park – one of the cheapest 24/7 manned car parks in Leeds – while you enjoy a wholesome feast!