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For easy access and cheap car parks Leeds Trafalgar Street is number 1!

If you’re visiting our fair city and you’re on the hunt for decent car parks, Leeds has plenty to choose from; but with a road network that you don’t know and a loop road that even strikes fear into the heart of the locals, you’ll want to identify the more accessible car parks. Leeds, like any city centre, has lots of multi-storey parking, but it’s largely found in the main shopping hub – a nightmare if you want to avoid getting stuck in traffic and limit the risk of getting lost. Even if you’re a confident driver who’s happy to journey through a new city, car parks in the midst of the central areas come at a high price – expect to pay over £10 for a full day.

Why choose Trafalgar Street car parks?

Leeds is an easy place to get to due to its central geographical position and by parking in Trafalgar Street you can avoid the problems mentioned above and get safe, secure and cheap parking in Leeds – a combination that’s otherwise hard to come by. With tariffs currently set at just £5 for all day parking on weekdays, £3 on Saturdays and just £2 on Sundays, you can’t argue that it’s great value for money! For those needing everyday access to car parks Leeds based workers can get a monthly ticket at just £90 – cheaper than commuting and much more convenient.

Finding our car park

Leeds can be programmed into any sat nav system or you can use Google to print out a map and directions – and you’ll find that they’re very accurate and easy to follow.  Most smartphone users can also find apps to act as a sat nav system, with voice-directions usually being available too for safety.

Trafalgar Street multi-storey car park is located just off the A64(M), New York Road, running between North Street and the A61 – you can get to us using the loop road or the inner ring road, but you can also drive from the outer areas of the city to find us with ease, without venturing on these busier routes.

Once you arrive, you find staff patrolling who are on hand to help you if you have any questions. They will always be happy to direct you if you’re not sure how to get to your final destination on foot and remember that you get CCTV for added security in most areas of our car parks. Leeds is a friendly and welcoming city, so whether you’re travelling for business or pleasure, let us help you make the most of your experience.