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Comic Book Shops in Leeds City Centre

Comic book shops in Leeds city centre

Graphic novels and comics have always had a cult following, but with the popularity of Marvel and DC in Hollywood right now it’s time to highlight the great comic book shops in Leeds.

If you’re a comic book fan you’re probably already aware of these fantastic little stores, but for the newbie or occasional buyer, our quick guide will be indispensable.

OK Comics – 19, Thornton’s Arcade, 14 Briggate, Leeds LS1 6LQ

If your only mental images of a comic book store are from TV and movies, you’ll be surprised at how warm and welcoming the staff at OK Comics are! Whether you’re a seasoned enthusiast, a parent looking for gifts for your kids, or a wide-eyed teen stepping into comic books for the first time, Jared and his team will take care of you. OK Comics is really well stocked with classics and the latest editions, and there’s a big comfy sofa if you fancy hanging around and enjoying the atmosphere – something that’s positively encouraged by the team because they even have a comic book library where you can borrow and return comics!

Travelling Man – 32 Central Rd, Leeds LS1 6DE

Travelling Man is one of three comic book shops in Leeds, and, like the others, it’s staffed by knowledgeable and friendly enthusiasts who care deeply about their comics and making you feel welcome. As well as the excellent range of comic book and graphic novels, this cracking little store offers games (including Dungeons and Dragons) and book signing events. It really is geek heaven!

Forbidden Planet International – 8 The Headrow, Leeds LS1 6PT

The greatest compliment we can pay to Forbidden Planet is that it’s a chain store that feels like an independent shop. This is largely because of the staff, but the layout and vibe of the place is so inviting that we find time just slips away when you’re browsing the shelves. There’s a fine selection of the best comics, along with merchandise and games… oh, and they’re dog-friendly, so you don’t have to tie your pooch up outside!

We’re glad to see that these great little comic book shops in Leeds are going from strength to strength because it’s a great art form that deserves to be more mainstream than it is – we’re definitely fans in the office down at Trafalgar Street car park!