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Ford Sierra Cosworth – A Modern Classic

Classic modern cars – Ford Sierra Cosworth

Defining a modern classic is tough, but we feel that the Ford Sierra Cosworth is definitely worthy of this badge because driving one makes you feel like a big kid!

Designed in partnership between Ford Motorsport and British automotive engineering company, Cosworth, this beast of a Sierra may have been designed to win touring car races, but it became a much-loved speed machine on the streets too.

A Ford Sierra in wolf’s clothing

We have to be honest and say that the original Sierra had no real redeeming features. It was a workmanlike family car that was largely driven by sales reps and struggled to escape from the shadow of its hugely loved predecessor, the Cortina. The Ford Sierra Cosworth, on the other hand, was the stuff that those rev-happy sales reps dreamed about!

The 2-litre, twin cam, 16-valve, turbocharged engine made the car rapid in 1986, and it’s still quicker than a Focus ST today, which is pretty amazing. The street version pulled over 200bhp and hit 60 mph in a little over six seconds, but as well as that it was incredibly good fun to drive. As one of the last Ford production cars to feature rear-wheel-drive, the Cosworth could be thrown sideways around bends, but had a tendency to be a little snappy with the over-steer… which is partly why there are so few of the original 1600 UK cars on the road now!

There was nothing subtle about the looks of the car either. That tail wing was massive and dominated the rear of the car to such an extent that Ford regularly had to defend it and tell us that it was functional, producing 20.4KG of downforce at 70mph. Inside the car was basic (even though it was based on the Sierra Ghia), but had a lovely pair of Recaro seats to stop you being thrown around on an A-road jaunt, and happily doubled as a family car… albeit one with some serious bite!

Buying a ‘Cossie’ now

Despite not being as sought after as the later Cosworth 500 or Sapphire Cosworth, a decent example of the original Cossie will set you back at least £40,000. This is partly due to rarity value, but also because they’re a slice of automotive history and can still provide incredible thrills in a practical body – a classic that you can do the school run in.

We hope that you agree that the Ford Sierra Cosworth is worthy of being considered a modern classic, and if you have one please stop by at Trafalgar Street car park to let us see it!