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Cheap all day parking in Leeds – getting your money’s worth

Here at Trafalgar Street we’re well known for offering super-cheap all day parking in Leeds, but under what circumstances does all day parking really give you the ultimate in value?

Of course, the most obvious use for all day parking is work-related. For many employees based in Leeds, the thought of commuting into the city on the bus every morning, then having to do it all again during rush hour in the evening, just doesn’t appeal.  The convenience of driving into town and then taking a walk to your workplace can save you money (at £7 per day for all day parking during the week, this is often less than the cost of 2 or more bus or train journeys) and also, that walk can be a great way of exercising if you spend half of your life sat at a desk.

Day trips from Leeds

The other way that you can really get your value for money from an all day car park is using it as a place to leave your car before making an onward journey.

Leeds has a bus, coach and train station, all of which offer a huge choice for jumping aboard for an adventure. One of the most popular routes is the day bus to York – great if you want to enjoy a different place for shopping, or to visit the famous Yorkminster, Clifford’s Tower, or take the kids to Jorvick Viking Centre. A trip to the latter will see you embark on another journey, as the attraction’s internal train system takes you on a tour around a recreated village.

Another firm favourite is a day trip to Scarborough, or one of the other lovely seaside towns, such as Whitby. For city-dwellers, a day by the sea can really blow out the cobwebs, and who can resist making a sandcastle or indulging in an ice cream or stick of rock!?! There are some fab boat trips too if you want to up your quota of travelling methods for the day!

There are plenty of other places within easy reach of Leeds by train or bus – and don’t forget the extra-cheap deals offered by low budget coach firm, MegaBus, or if you want to travel a little more luxuriously, then National Express run regular trips to a variety of destinations.

Exploring, eating and entertainment

Another reason people take advantage of the cheaper rates for all day parking in Leeds is when they’ve planned a special day out. With the Leeds First Direct Arena close to the city centre (and just 10 minutes away from Trafalgar Street car park!), many people decide to make a real event of their visit and roll up earlier in the day so they can do a spot of shopping in the amazing stores that populate the city, followed by a tasty dinner, before heading on to the Arena to see the show! Sounds like a day well spent to us!