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toy cars in car parking disaster pile-up

Funny car parking disasters

We park our cars dozens of times every week without incident, but unfortunately, that doesn’t mean that it’s the same for everyone! This week we’re going to share our favourite stories about car parking disasters – some of which will leave you shaking your head at how they happened!

Anyone for pizza?

After his foot got stuck on his accelerator pedal of his little Honda Fit, one elderly gentleman in Lincoln, Nebraska, found himself parked in his local pizza restaurant! Luckily his car was the perfect fit for the front doors and did very little damage, but it did shock the patrons and workers inside. While he waited for the emergency services to arrive he calmly ordered a pizza… from inside his vehicle! Wonder if they turned it into a drive-thru after that?!

Clean out that car!

Most of us let a certain amount of clutter and rubbish accrue in our cars, but when your car is so full of junk that it causes an accident you know that you’ve got a problem! In 2007, 53-year-old Ann Biglan allowed her car to be litter-ally so full of rubbish that it filled the car from top to bottom. This wasn’t a problem until a pile of old coffee cups fell onto the pedals while Ann was reversing out of a parking space, leading to her crashing her car. Ouch!

That’s a little too close!

In November 2015, a pensioner in Rowley Regis got himself into a bit of a tangle while trying to reverse park. When the fire brigade arrived on the scene, they found that the gentleman’s car had mounted a Ford Focus and was ‘parked’ with its front wheel lodged in the driver’s window. The gentleman had no idea how it happened, and fortunately nobody was hurt in the incident, but we kind of wish we’d been there to see it!

The flying car

A 23-year-old man was driving his Skoda Octavia so fast one night in Chemnitz, Germany, that he had one of the most bizarre accidents ever recorded. He missed his turn, broke through a crash barrier and hit the bank behind at such speed that it launched him and his car into the air. Instead of plummeting to the ground, the local Lutheran church roof broke his fall. When police arrived to find his car lodged firmly in the roof they were initially baffled as to how it ended up there.

Fortunately, here at Trafalgar Street car park, we take extra special car of all of our customers, so why don’t you leave your car with us while you shop the streets of Leeds? We guarantee not to park it in any churches or pizza restaurants!