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Best small car under 2000 quid!

A small white family car

If you’re patient and willing to kiss a lot of frogs, it’s entirely possible to find a bargain motor on a limited budget – and this week we’re on a mission to discover the best small car under 2000 smackers!

It’s unlikely that any of these little cars will set the world alight, but find a good one and it’ll give you reliable, cheap and fun motoring for years to come.

Toyota Yaris MK1 – a small car for everyone

Check the classifieds and you’ll see that the Yaris holds it value above almost any other small car on the road – and there are some good reasons for this! Absolutely rock solid reliability and build quality make the Yaris our first choice if you can find a decent one – especially the D4D diesel because it’s quiet and refined for its age, runs on fresh air and seems to go on forever.

Inside, its intelligently designed layout feels surprisingly spacious with loads of storage space – it’s a multiple award winning vehicle for a reason, and, in our eyes, the best small car for under 2000 quid!

Ford Fiesta

Hunt around and you should be able to find a decent MK6 Fiesta for around £2000. The biggest selling points for the Fiesta are the reliability and fantastic drive – something Ford has been famous for since the introduction of the Focus.

Look for a 1.25 Zetec engine, which is lively, practical, reasonably frugal and will have you making up excuses to go for a spin. What more could you ask for from a small car?

Suzuki Swift

It’s often been said that the Swift feels more like a Mini to drive than a real Mini, and that’s no exaggeration! Is it the best small car under £2000? Probably not, but it’s definitely the best to drive in that price bracket. That doesn’t mean it’s not great at other things too, of course. With a Toyota engine and bags of cabin space, the Swift is a reliable little thing that’s a delight to drive with every engine in the range. So, for the best driving experience under £2000, pick up a good 1.5 GLX and get out on the A roads – we know you’ll love it!

We picked the cream of the crop for our shortlist for the best small car under £2000, but it’s only right to give an honourable mention to the Honda Jazz, Nissan Micra and Vauxhall Corsa too – all of which ran this top three very close.

If you have any thoughts on a car you think we should have included, head over to our Twitter account and let us know. However, we think that based on the thousands of car we see through Trafalgar Street car park every week, we’ve nailed this list!