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Best pickup trucks of 2019

The UK market has never really taken to them, but that’s all about to change because the best pickup
trucks are now serious contenders for those who need a 4×4 workhorse… or even an unusual family

With favourable tax cuts for business users, many buyers are casting admiring gazes at those big old
trucks that the Americans love so much – and manufacturers are taking note!

Mercedes-Benz X-Class – the premium pickup?

Mercedes has marketed the X-Class as the world’s first premium pickup, but that seems like a mistake to
us. Yes, their first pickup of note looks like a Merc, but underneath it’s actually a pimped up Nissan
Navaro that lacks a lot of the refinement that the class-leading Ford Ranger has as standard. It’s still a
decent pickup and it drives beautifully, but at £48,000 we would hope that it lived up to the marketing

Ford Ranger

Ford has been making some of the best pickup trucks money can but for a very long time, and the
Ranger is no different. Every engine is decent, but the 3.2-litre petrol unit is the pick of the bunch for its
throaty tone and exceptional pulling power. Its electric power-steering makes light work of slow speed
manoeuvres and the chassis means that it’s a pleasure to drive – like every Ford we’ve ever driven!

Mitsubishi L200

The L200 may not have the on-road refinement of the other two pickups on this list, but off-road it
excels. Think of this as a working vehicle that can turn its hand to the daily drive, rather than an SUV
replacement and you won’t be disappointed. We recommend the basic spec L200 with its strong 2.4-
litre diesel engine that can pull 3-tonnes; it’s under £20,000, which means that you could buy two and a
super-mini for the price of an X-Class!

Nissan Navara

The Nissan Navara has been around for 30 years, but it keeps getting better! This latest model comes as
a King Cab or Double Cab version, offering a workmanlike set-up or a more family-friendly ride. The
Double Cab’s car-like ride offers a genuine SUV replacement, whereas the King Cab option serves better
as a work vehicle.

We’re passionate about vehicles down at Trafalgar Street car park, so we’re looking forward to seeing
more and more of you visiting us in 2019 driving the best pickup trucks money can buy!