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5 things to love about Leeds

One positive that’s come out of the global pandemic has been a confirmation of how much affection
we have for the city we live and work in, so to celebrate that we’re sharing five things we love about
Leeds. We hope that you love them too!

We love Leeds’ architecture

Leeds has always had some of the finest historical architecture in the country, with buildings like the
Corn Exchange, Town Hall and the incredible General Infirmary dominating the city. However, when
development began to modernise the city’s landscape in the 90s many people worried that this
legacy would be drowned out. Fortunately, that didn’t happen, and the city has been improved with
the addition of innovative buildings like Bridgewater Place, the Laidlaw Library and First Direct

You can have a beautiful shopping experience

Even the least enthusiastic shopper can’t help but be taken in by the beauty and charm of the city.
We have some of the most incredible arcades in the country – the Victoria Quarter, for example –
that make a day out shopping in the city one of the easiest things to love about Leeds.

We have incredible culture

As well as the architecture we mentioned above, Leeds has The Henry Moore Institute, Leeds Art
Gallery, The Tetley and several smaller venues that regularly exhibit. We have several renowned
museums, including a national museum in The Royal Armouries, and some of the finest theatres in
the North.

You can visit one of the best indoor markets in Europe

Not only is Kirkgate Market often voted the best in the country, but it’s one of the finest and biggest
in Europe. Since 1875 the market has been serving the people of Leeds with everything from the
freshest food to the finest clothes. It’s survived bombing raids and renovations and is now home for
over 800 stalls!

The amazing people of Leeds

Lastly, we come to the most important reason to love Leeds: the people. We may be a bit biased,
but we love living and working in this city because we get to interact with some of the warmest and
funniest people in the country. Leeds folk are hospitable, open and friendly, and we’re lucky to be a
part of the great vibe in the city.

So there you have it! Five fantastic things to love about Leeds from the team at Trafalgar Street Car