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Do you have a lifesaving winter emergency kit in your car?

man holding emergency car kit

In our previous article we talked about preparing your car for the long winter months so that it gives you reliable and safe service. However, there’s another important process that you need to consider to ensure that the cold weather doesn’t catch you out – adding a winter emergency kit to your boot.

This week we’ll advise you on everything you need to get through a breakdown or extreme weather incident.

Keep warm

Keeping the cold at bay is the most important thing you can do in the event of an emergency, so throw a warm coat, a couple of jumpers, woolly hat, extra socks, gloves and blanket, or sleeping bag in the boot.Also consider a supply of reusable hand warmers that supply heat for several hours at a time.

Stay dry

You may have to leave your vehicle in some circumstances so it’s worth adding waterproofs to the kit. Wellington boots may not be the height of fashion, but coupled with a couple of extra pairs of thermal socks they’re the best shield against extreme weather.

Stay hydrated

You should always have water in your car, but in very cold weather you may find that it freezes in your boot, so choose energy drinks instead. If you’re heading out and snow is forecast, it’s well worth adding either a hot flask or even a small camping stove and kettle. After all, nothing warms you like a hot cup of tea!

Snacks are essential

Keep a supply of cereal or chocolate bars in the glove compartment because they provide a quick hit of fuel for your body when you need it most.

Other practical tools

You should now be well prepared to stay warm, dry and fed, but what about dealing with the conditions? You may need to move snow out of the way, so add a small shovel to the kit too. A good quality torch is essential, but add plenty of batteries because they drain very fast in the cold. Last but by no means least, invest in a decent ice scraper and de-icer – you’ll thank us for that one!

This may seem like overkill, but if you keep your car organised it should be possible to have a kit like this in your boot throughout the winter in all but the smallest car. If you can think of anything else we’ve missed or just want to comment on this article, pop over to our Twitter page and leave us a message. In the meantime, stay safe on the roads and remember that your car will always be safe with us at Trafalgar Street car park – whatever the weather!