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Our summer car maintenance checklist

Mechanic man holding clipboard and check the car

It’s not just winter that’s hard on your car, which is why you need a summer car maintenance checklist to ensure that you have hassle-free driving all year round. Follow our advice and you’ll be prepared for every eventuality – summer is for enjoying, after all!

Summer tyre maintenance

You may think that decent tyres are only essential during the harder winter months, but they’re of equal importance in the summer too. Long hot days cause tarmac roads to become greasy due to a build up of tar and grit, and as soon as the rain comes back they’re almost as slippery as during a winter cold snap. Make sure your tyres have at least 4mm of tread for safety, and they’re in good condition – if the walls are cracked consider changing them.

Check those fluids!

Everyone should schedule a yearly service for their car, but it still makes sense to check your fluids regularly to ensure that they’re in good condition and topped up, so pop that bonnet and:

  • Check your oil – it should be a lovely amber colour and register on or just below the fill mark. If it’s dark and sludgy or the level is low, book in an oil change.
  • Make sure the coolant level is correct – something that a properly serviced car should always have. If it’s low you may have a leak or perished hose.
  • Check brake fluid and power steering fluid – like your coolant, these should be at the perfect level: if not check for leaks and top them up.

Too hot? Refresh your aircon!

What did we do before air conditioning became standard in modern cars? Making sure yours is fully loaded is a vital step to happy driving and a crucial addition to any summer car maintenance checklist.

Wiper blades

Never underestimate the importance of well-conditioned wiper blades. They work hard to give you the best visibility possible, and they’re cheap and easy to fit at home, so as soon as they show signs of becoming inefficient change them. It’s a good idea to always have a spare set lying around because they have a habit of deteriorating quickly.

Emergency kit

Like your winter emergency kit, it pays to be prepared for every eventuality. During summer that means adding plenty of fresh water, foods that won’t melt, insect repellent and sunscreen to your winter kit. Don’t, however, remove the blankets from your winter kit – summer nights in the UK can be cold!

If you follow the advice on this summer car maintenance checklist, you’ll be prepared for most eventualities and can get on with enjoying the best of British weather – even if the summer only lasts two weeks!