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Independent record shops in Leeds

Vinyl music audio records with colorful sleeves at record store. Selective focus.

In the age of the digital download, it’s becoming more of a challenge to find places to browse for CDs and vinyl on the high street, but that’s never been a problem in Leeds. The city is blessed with a great selection of independent record shops where the audiophile can spend happy hours lost amongst the racks of great music. This week we’re going to give you a rundown of the best independent record shops in Leeds – you’ll soon see why so many music lovers visit the city to buy their tunes!

Relic Records – 55 New Briggate, LS2 8JD

For over 25 years Relic Records has been passionately sourcing vintage records for sale in their busy Leeds shop. The 1500 sq ft of real estate is crammed full of vinyl, CDs and DVDs from every era and every genre – there really is something for everyone! The staff are knowledgeable and friendly, always on hand to help, but never pushy. They also sell online through various outlets via their website at

Jumbo Records – St Johns Centre, 5-6 St Johns Centre, LS2 8LQ

You’d never think it from outside, but St. John’s Centre in Leeds is home to some great independent stores, and Jumbo Records is no exception. Formed in 1971 as an extension of owner Hunter Smith’s DJ business, Jumbo Records slowly established itself as the best shop for vinyl in Leeds. The staff are all confirmed music fans and clearly love working here, which helps to create a friendly and relaxed atmosphere in the store. They have a great online store as well as the physical shop, which can be accessed at

Crash Records – 35 The Headrow, LS1 6PU

Specialising in indie, punk, rock, alternative and metal music, Crash Records has been a part of the Leeds cityscape for 35 years, where they’ve built a reputation for sourcing some of the best and most sought after alternative vinyl available. The shop has a real ‘old school’ vibe, and despite having a smaller footprint than some of the other stores around, it still manages to stock enough music to keep the most ardent fan happy for hours.

Too Damn Loud – Leeds Kirkgate Market, 438-439 Kirkgate, LS2 7JG

Also worth an honourable mention is Too Damn Loud, a tiny little store in Kirkgate Market that’s been trading for nearly 40 years! These days they concentrate on the used CD and DVD market and will happily source anything you’re looking for.

As you can see, a day trip to Leeds is something the enthusiastic music lover should definitely consider. Park with us at Trafalgar Street car park and head into town with your record bag – just set aside a weekend or two after for listening to your buys!