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The best electric vehicles of 2019

With exhaust emissions such a critical aspect of dealing with climate change, EVs will soon be the most
common cars on the road, so now is a great time to take a look at the best electric vehicles available this
Can you buy an EV in every popular class that’s as good, or even better than a gas-guzzler? Let’s find

The best executive electric vehicle – Tesla Model S

We’ve already dedicated an entire blog post to the Model S, so we’re pretty sure that you know how we
feel about it! It’s probably fair to say that the Model S is the car that turned the public onto the
possibilities of EVs… and led to other manufacturers taking them seriously. If you’re looking for stellar
performance, great value, and all the build quality and prestige of a BMW 5 series in a car that saves the
planet, you have to consider the Tesla Model S because it’s easily one of the best electric vehicles
available today.

Best family electric vehicle – Hyundai Kona Electric

Hyundai no longer surprise us when they release another brilliant car. The Korean manufacturer has
been right up there with the big guns for a decade now, and the Kona Electric is no different. An SUV
crossover with a capable and swift electric drivetrain is one thing, but a claimed range of 300 miles
between charges is the real game-changer here. For a modern family, it’s the perfect everyday car that’s
capable of a day trip to the coast… and at around £30k, you get a whole load of car for your money, as
well as saving a fortune at the pumps.

Best small electric vehicle – BMW i3

Okay, it does cost forty grand, but the i3 is still king of hill when it comes to pint-sized EVs. It looks,
frankly, like something out of Star Trek (and that’s a good thing), handles town and urban traffic with
ease, hits 60 mph in a very respectable 7.3 seconds and is built like an electric-powered tank. What’s not
to like?

Best electric SUV – Jaguar I-Pace

Jaguar has done something amazing with the I-Pace – produced an electric SUV that takes top spot from
the Tesla X… and that makes it a car to take serious notice of. It’s exceptionally quick, taking just 4.2

seconds to hit 60 mph, but it also handles beautifully – not a claim every SUV can make – and it’s built as
well as the Audi E-Tron. It’s not cheap, but there are very good reasons why Jaguar claims that it’s their
most important car since the legendary E-Type.

So, it seems that the best electric vehicles on the road today are every bit as good as their petrol and
diesel counterparts, which means that we can expect to see you parking them in Trafalgar Street car
park for years to come.