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Be more green – tips on how to drive economically

car driving economically with leave from exhaust

Learning how to drive economically is a great way to save money at the pumps, reduce wear and tear, and, just as importantly, take care of the planet. Of course, the ideal solution is to invest in a new car designed to be greener, but if that’s not an option these tips will help you keep some more cash in your pocket and trees in the ground!

Preparing to drive economically

There are plenty of things you can do to make sure your car is running as efficiently as possible before you set off on a journey. Regular servicing is essential, as is ensuring that your tyre pressure is always correct, but you can also improve fuel economy by emptying your boot of all unnecessary junk – it’s amazing how much difference an unloaded car makes!

Here are a few more things that make a difference before you’ve even hit the road:

* Don’t leave your roof box permanently attached – the extra drag is a killer for fuel economy.

* If you need to de-ice the windscreens use a scraper rather than running the engine to heat the windows.

* Plan your route to avoid traffic – even go as far as to choose a longer route that allows you to keep driving rather than getting stuck in     snarled traffic jams, because it uses less fuel.

* Consider a car share plan with work colleagues to save fuel.

Once you’re on the road

The prep you do before you set off does make a difference, but the big savings are obviously made as a result of how you approach your drive:

* Let your car warm up for 30 seconds or so to ensure the oil has lubricated the engine, but don’t idle for ages as this wastes fuel.

* Try not to drive stressed because you’re more likely to be heavy on the accelerator.

* Stick to the speed limits!

* Pull away smoothly and move through the gears quickly instead of revving the engine hard.

* Try to keep your revs around 2000 – 3000 rpm.

* Learn how to anticipate the road ahead so you can slow naturally to a stop rather than using the brakes unnecessarily – although coasting out of gear should be avoided as you’ll have no control of the vehicle.

* Don’t use your air conditioning and other electrics unless it’s necessary – every little helps!

Follow these simple tips on how to drive economically and you’ll soon be making significant savings at the pumps, and be a more courteous road user – something we always like to see down at Trafalgar Street car park!