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Why the Tesla Model S is the best Christmas present ever!

Why the Tesla Model S is the best Christmas present ever!

Okay, okay, we know that’s a bold statement, but we really do believe that when it comes to a four-wheeled gift, the Tesla Model S is the best Christmas present ever – and we’re going to qualify that bold statement right now!

If at the end of this post we’ve convinced you and you decide you want to buy us one, well, that would be great!

Tesla Model S and its practicality

Let’s start with the boring stuff. The Tesla Model S is one of the most practical luxury saloon cars on the road, with around 1800 litres of space – thanks to the cavernous rear boot and the entirely usable front boot – it tops everything short of a large MPV.

On top of that, the electric engine will give you around 250 miles of driving for less than a tenner of clean (ish) energy – and no luxury saloon can even remotely compete with that.

Tesla is changing how we view electric cars

The Model S, like all Tesla vehicles, is as close to a production concept car as we’ve ever seen, and its aluminium shell on top of a steel sub frame provides strength and weight savings generally only seen in supercars. Of course Telsa needed to save weight, with that great big battery under the cabin taking the overall weight to around two tonnes! This does, however, mean that the car is incredibly well balanced and sits beautifully on the road with arguably the lowest centre of gravity of any road vehicle.

Inside the cabin it really does look like the deck of the USS Enterprise, with a central touchscreen that gives you live feedback on power usage, speed, and road conditions, as well as allowing you to control ride height and air-con, amongst other things.

Driving the Model S

Yes, the Model S is a beautifully designed and engineered car that pushes the boundaries of EVs, but what’s it like to drive? The simple answer to that it’s like nothing else. The eerie silence from the electric motor takes some getting used to, and it makes it feel like you’re floating around in an old Rolls Royce… until you put your foot down! There’s no way to effectively describe the feeling of the instant availability of every torque and horsepower this car provides, but in any gear there’s an effortless punch that pushes you an extra 20 mph faster almost instantly.

The ride isn’t supercar stiff and communicative, but this is still a luxury saloon, and considering the heft of the Model S, it’s pretty good. Think civilised with a touch of lunacy thrown in, rather than cornering on rails like a Ferrari, and you’ll be pretty close.

Overall, what makes this car the perfect Christmas gift is the wow factor you get when you take someone for a ride. Trust us, even someone as cool as James Bond will let out a squeak and the odd expletive when you floor the Tesla Model S in Ludicrous Mode, and that kind of excitement is what Christmas should be about!