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Small cars for easy parking


In a previous blog, we talked about how tricky parking has become in older car parks because modern cars tend to be larger than their predecessors. Even small hatchbacks are wider than they were when the majority of multi-storey car parks were built, meaning that spaces are tighter and nervous drivers either struggle to park or even avoid car parks completely.

This week we’re going to list our favourite small cars for the reluctant car park user – let’s get you all back into those bays and shopping in style!

Smart ForTwo

When the original Smart car appeared in 1998 many people thought it was a gimmick, but it soon developed a cult following amongst city dwellers. The latest iteration, the Smart ForTwo, is more than just a city car however, having enough power to cruise happily on the motorway. It’s still tiny at just over 1.6m wide and 2.7m long, making it the number one choice for reluctant parkers – especially if you add the parking assist sensors and rear parking mirror to the package you choose.

Hyundai i10

Hyundai has really stepped up their game over the past 5-10 years and now produce cars to rival the major manufacturers. The i10 is practical, roomy, well put together, and great fun to drive. Yes, it’s more expensive than many of its rivals, but the i10 comes with a 100,000 mile or 5-year warranty making it great value. At just 1.66m wide and 3.65m long, the i10 is a doddle to park – and unlike the Smart ForTwo you can fit your kids and the shopping in the back!

Fiat 500

Is there a more stylish car on the road right now? The Fiat 500 borrows classic styling from its famous predecessor and wraps it up in a modern package for the retro-loving city slicker. The 500 is exceptionally easy to park because of its great all round visibility, short overhangs, and light steering and controls. Couple this with parking sensors and this beauty has to be on any fearful parker’s short list. Some people think it looks a little like a Noddy car, but we think it’s kind of cute!

Skoda Citigo

Under the hood the Citigo is identical to the Volkswagen Up and Seat Mii, but we think the styling trumps the other two by a long way. It looks and feels like a much more expensive car, and there’s plenty of room in the cabin for driver and passengers. Despite this, it’s only just over 3.5m long and 1.6m wide, which makes it a great city car and perfect for tight parking bays.

As you can see, there are plenty of options for those of you who fear parking bays. With modern city cars, rear parking assistance and a little bit of practice, we hope that we’ll see a few more reluctant drivers down at Trafalgar Street car park in the future.