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Car park themed music – yes, really!

yellow taxi cab

Big Yellow Taxi – a song that mentions our favourite subject of car parks!

The team at Trafalgar Street car park are a good-natured bunch who love a bit of music to lighten up the atmosphere. We were chatting in the office recently and realised that we could only think of a couple of tracks that feature car parks in the lyrics… so off to Google we went to explore in more depth and this is what we found!!


Joni Mitchell – Big Yellow Taxi

There was no need to Google this! No parking related song list would be complete without this 70s classic from Joni Mitchell. It’s not exactly complimentary to car parks, but we’re willing to forgive her because it’s an absolutely great tune that gets stuck in your head whenever you hear it.


Bricks and Mortar – The Jam

Another iconic band from the 70s and 80s, The Jam released In the City in 1977 with Bricks and Mortar being the final act of the album. The lyrics “Why do we try to hide our past by pulling down houses and building car parks?” suggest that Paul Weller had a bit of an issue with car parks too. We could start getting a complex!


Pete Yorn – Undercover

We’ll admit that we hadn’t heard of Pete Yorn until this search, but we’re glad that we found him. Undercover, from the album Nightcrawler, reminds us a little of Dinosaur Jr without the grungy guitars and has become a bit of a favourite in the office. We were also impressed to find out that Pete plays most of the instruments on the recording.


Morning Bell/Amnesiac – Radiohead

Celebrated as one of the finest bands the UK has ever produced, Radiohead wrote this typically melancholic but dreamy number for their fifth studio album, Amnesiac, in 2001. We’re not sure the band would appreciate our version, though, because we totally ruin it by following the lyrics “Where’d you park the car? Where’d you park the car?” with “Trafalgar Street! Trafalgar Street!”


White City – The Pogues 

After the slightly mournful vibe of Radiohead we needed livening up a little, and there’s nothing better than a bit of Celtic punk to do that! White City is a typically raucous number from Shane MacGowan and the gang about life in the inner city. Despite Shane’s complaining about car parks replacing pubs, we love this track.


We hope that you’ve enjoyed our slightly tongue-in-cheek post about car park related music, and keep coming back to read our blog. We care as much about giving you an enjoyable read here as we do about taking care of your vehicles down at Trafalgar Street car park.