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Best MPVs – Our Top 5 Picks

The best MPVs – our top five picks

People carriers have become more and more popular over the past decade, with manufacturers taking them seriously and providing us with some great choices, but what are the best MPVs on the road right now?

We’re going to share our top five (in no particular order) and help you to make an informed decision if you’re thinking of investing in one as your next car.

Volkswagen Sharan – the classiest MPV

Despite firm competition from the growing number of SUVs on the market, there’s still a place for a more sensible, classy and practical solution – especially when you have several kids, a dog and camping gear to transport! That’s where the Sharan comes in because it’s bolted together beautifully, looks elegant and feels like an executive saloon inside. Okay, it’s not the best driving car in the class, but if you’re looking for sheer comfort on the road, the Sharan is a serious contender.

Ford S-Max

When Ford builds a car you know it’s going to be a pleasure to drive, and that’s no different with one of the best MPVs on the road today: the S-Max. Although it’s not quite equipped with the cavernous interior that its big brother the Galaxy boasts, it’s still a practical and roomy seven-seater… but the real beauty of this car is the way it drives.

Despite its hefty size, the S-Max is nimble on the road and feels more like a Focus than a Focus! This is definitely the driver’s MPV, so if that’s a priority to you it’s worth a serious look.

Citroen Grand C4 SpaceTourer

The C4 further enhances Citroen’s reputation for building economical cars with a unique style – a legacy that goes all the way back to the famed 2CV. The difference is that now they’re designing cars that are well built, incredibly keenly priced, and decent to drive… like the Grand C4 SpaceTourer. This seven-seater may not be the best driver’s car, but it’s comfortable, equipped with a decent, frugal engine, and comes with the kind of extras as standard that would make its competitors blush!

Seat Alhambra

Offering a decent quality alternative to the Volkswagen without the premium is what the Alhambra is all about. It’s not a class leader in any area, but it does everything well enough to be considered a great all-rounder. Saying that, though, the Seat does have one excellent trick up its sleeve – the sliding doors that make entry and exit in car parks an absolute doddle, so if you’re using this to ferry the kids to and from the supermarket, it might be a perfect choice.

Renault Grand Scenic

The previous version of the Grand Scenic was decent enough, but boy was it drab to look at! That’s not an accusation anyone can throw at this facelift version though, because its styling is spectacular. Inside and out, the new Grand Scenic has a space-age vibe to it, and despite the SUV crossover feel, it manages to maintain a decent and practical level of interior space. Well done, Renault!

Down in the Trafalgar Street car park offices, we’ve been trying to decide which of these is our favourite people carrier, but we can’t nail it down to one. We think that speaks volumes for the quality on offer, so we’ll leave it for you to decide which you think is the top of the best MPVs on the market.