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Best Affordable Coupes in 2018

Best affordable coupes in 2018

If you’re in the market for a two-door thrill machine, but don’t have around £100,000 to spare for a Mercedes AMG or Audi R8, that doesn’t mean you’re left high and dry, because we’ve found the best affordable coupes on sale today.

Any of these cracking motors will get your heart racing without causing your bank manager to have a cardiac arrest!

BMW 2 Series Coupe

The 2 Series Coupe may not be the fastest two-door on the market, but you get a whole lot of car for your £24,000. As with all BMWs, the 2 Series is rear-wheel drive for a wonderful on the road experience that is both involving and safe – there’s little better on the open road! However, if the standard 0-60 mph of 8.8 seconds isn’t enough to get you excited, you can dig deep and buy the M2 version – basically the same car on steroids! It hits 60 mph in 4.5 seconds… but it’ll cost you around £50k for the privilege.

Mazda MX5 RF

What happens when you turn one of the most popular two-seater convertibles into a coupe with a retractable hardtop? Well, you get the MX5 RF, and it’s as much fun as anything on the road today. It’s surprisingly soft in the suspension, but with the rear-wheel drive you can throw it around corners with relative ease and push the rev happy engines all the way to the redline. Both versions are great fun, but to 2.0-litre unit is a second quicker at 7.4 to 60 mph, so that’s the one we’d plump for at around £25,000.

Toyota GT86

Is the GT86 the best affordable coupe on the market? Probably not. Is it the most fun? Quite possibly! For a company more known for their safe, reliable and boring family cars, Toyota really knows how to build a car that’s uncomplicated and an absolute joy to drive. There’s nothing technically fancy about the GT86, but with its relatively skinny wheels, flat-four, 2.0-litre engine and 6-speed box, this rear-wheel driven coupe more than nods to the 2+2 seaters of the 70s and 80s. It’s a car that was designed and built for one reason only – for drivers to connect with the road and never want to come home!

It took us a while to whittle this list down to our top three, but the Trafalgar Street car park team are pretty sure that there’s something for everyone here. If you think we’ve missed any of the best affordable coupes from our shortlist, head over to Twitter and let us know!