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Car Park Security

When choosing a place to park your car for a night out, a day at work, or even whilst jetting off on your holidays, there will be several factors to consider. It’s likely that car park security will be right at the top of that list, and here at Trafalgar Street we take that very seriously too.  Let’s take a look at some of the key features modern car parks like ours offer to ensure that you don’t return to any unwelcome surprises.

Manned security

Despite the advances in technology, there’s nothing like the feeling that you and your vehicle are being cared for by a real person. Trafalgar Street car park is manned 24/7 by one of our team of friendly and professional security staff. The benefit of this is that there is always someone nearby in the unlikely event of a break-in or attempted theft of a vehicle ─ or even if you have a problem exiting the car park.


There are pros and cons to barriers in a car park. Yes, they do provide a certain level of security, but, where possible, modern constructions are omitting them because sheer weight of traffic makes them unmanageable at peak times. With more car parks, like Trafalgar Street, being well covered by high-quality CCTV featuring automatic number plate recognition cameras, barriers become less of an issue. There is, however, a case for installing rising barriers ─ that is, barriers that come up from the floor ─ in high-risk areas with lower traffic flow.

Warning sign man being hit by car park barrier

How NOT to use a car park barrier!

Rising bollards

Rising bollards, as appose to rising barriers,  are an excellent feature in new car park builds, making theft of vehicles parked overnight almost impossible. They do, however, mean that it’s often hard to get your car out if you have a change of plan!


It may seem like a simple thing, but a well lit car park is definitely a safer car park. In much the same way that street lighting discourages thieves and would-be attackers, adequate lighting in a car park provides security and peace of mind for yourself as you move to and from your vehicle ─ not to mention while it is left unattended. This is equally important in the stairwells and ticket machine areas, as these can attract loitering, which makes users feel uncomfortable.


While it wouldn’t appear to be a security measure, discouraging vandalism with methods such as anti-graffiti coatings and textured finishes creates an oppression-free environment and inspires confidence that the car park management is effective.

We’re currently undertaking some fab new improvements at Trafalgar Street, ensuring that your experience and our car park security is right up there with the very best!