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The coolest cars of the 60s

mini cooper car from the 60s

Everyone knows that the ‘swinging 60s’ was the coolest decade ever, right? From The Beatles to The Stones and Woodstock to the moon landings, the 60s are looked back on fondly by all of us, but what about the iconic cars of the decade? Every one of the classic cars of the 60s that we’ve chosen for this article is as desirable today as it was back in its heyday.

Ferrari 250 GT California Spyder SWB

The Ferrari 250 had been in production since the early 50s, but it was with the California that the world started to take notice. This 276 bhp 3-litre V12 beast became an icon when it was featured in Ferris Bueller’s Day Off in 1986 – a movie, it’s said, that persuaded DJ Chris Evans to part with £5.6 million for a pristine 1961 example in 2008!

Jaguar E-Type

The pinnacle of classic British sports car design, the E-Type manages to be stunning in every single incarnation, but it’s the Series 1 (1961-68) that we have a soft spot for. Its trademark long, sweeping bonnet housed a 4.2-litre engine capable of propelling the Jaguar to a top speed of around 150mph – in the early 60s! An early model in good condition can easily fetch £400,000, so if you want to look cool driving one you might need to think about selling your house!

Mini Cooper

It seems that being featured in movies is a great way to make our list! The Mini Cooper became famous worldwide when a host of them appeared in the 1969 film The Italian Jobwith Michael Caine, but there was a reason it was chosen for that movie. With Cooper and Cooper S models winning the Monte Carlo Rally in ’64, ’65 and ’67, it was a natural choice for the chase scenes throughout Turin’s tight streets.

AC Cobra

It may not be the ideal car for a trip to the supermarket, but the AC Cobra is still about as cool, impractical, beautiful and downright LOUD a car as has ever been produced. The mark II 289 hit 0-60mph in under 5 seconds and produced 410bhp on its way to 170mph, which made it about the quickest thing on road for the entire decade. That it managed this in a design as simple and brutally elegant as it did made it the coolest car of the 60s.

We’re pretty sure that this list is definitive, but if you disagree come on over to our Twitter page and let us know! In the meantime, remember that a visit to Trafalgar Street car park in Leeds means that your car is in the safest and friendliest hands in town.