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Fun cars for under £3000

This week we’re going to share our favourite fun cars for under £3000, and prove to you that you
don’t need a huge budget for some serious motoring enjoyment.

Each of these little gems offers something different, and if you pick up a decent one you might have
a future modern classic on your hands!

Ford Focus ST170 – fun cars can be practical too!

We love every version of the MK1 Ford Focus because it changed the face of family motoring
forever, but the ST170 was the cream of the crop. Its understated looks (no huge spoilers or skirts on
this beauty!) means that it attracts no more attention than the standard Focus, but the 2-litre engine
with 170BHP pushed the ST170 to 60 mph in 8 seconds and the chassis handled like an absolute
dream. Expect to pick up a clean car with around 70,000 miles for under £3000.

Mazda MX-5

No list of fun cars for under £3000 would be complete without featuring the MX-5. It’s another
future modern classic and with good reason! Every model is engaging to drive, and all the engines
are bulletproof. However, we can’t say the same for the bodywork, so before you buy one of these
two-seater classics check it thoroughly for rot. If you find a good one – especially a MK1 – take good
care of it and the value will rocket over the years.

MINI Cooper S

The original Mini was basically a go-kart with a roof and we loved it, but a good one will cost a
fortune. However, the BMW MINI is almost as much fun to drive and because of that there are
thousands of them on the road. For £3000 you can pick up a ten year old Cooper S with decent
mileage and service history. They’re fast (0-60 in 7 seconds), handle like a grown-up go-kart and
have loads of fun factor… as long as you don’t need a big boot!

Toyota MR2 Roadster

The MR2 is almost the perfect roadster – it’s quick enough, relatively economical and drives like a
dream. For £3000 you can grab a clean car with full service history, and although it might have a few
miles on the clock you don’t need to worry – these Toyota engines are rock solid. If you can get past
the quirky Kermit the Frog looks, you’ll have one of the most entertaining cars £3000 can buy!

If you think we’ve missed anything special off of this list, you can head over to Twitter and let us
know. The team at Trafalgar Street car park love to talk about cars, so don’t be shy – we want to
know what fun cars for under £3000 you love too!